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Personal words

I’m passionate about teaching and sharing my experience. For me, singing is a way to express our soul. Every student has his / her unique way, and I’m here to help them find it. Strengthen the students and planting creativity, faith and positivity within them - is a prime target for me. 

Additional skills

- Voice teacher for all grades students for the IB program at "Aiglon college" in Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland. 2020 until today.


- Voice teacher for all grades students for the IB program at "Collège Alpin International Beau Soleil" in Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland. 2018 until today.

- Conducting a mixed choir of 20 people - weekly rehearsals. 2016 until today.


- Voice teacher at "Studio Musicale", Estavayer-le-lac, Switzerland 2017 - until mid-2018. Private students and groups.


- Voice teacher at "Kevin Slaeck Music School", Lausanne, Switzerland 2012 - 2016. Private students and groups 


- Leading "Singing & Psalms" workshops all over Switzerland and invited regularly to Crêt-Bérard, (Switzerland) every few months to lead this unique workshop.  I work with the group on singing techniques, creativity, and finding and expressing our "inner voice".


- Voice teacher in Raanana prestigious conservatory (Israel) for 2 years. Training beginners and professionals at all ages. 2004 -2006


- Voice teacher in Kalai High School, Givatayim (Israel) at the music department: Preparing students for their last music exam – recital. 2007


- Private Vocal coach for professional singers: for stage, music productions and albums. Since 2005 until today.


- Military service of 2 years at the entertainment unit as a singer. Additional skill: sound engineering 1996 - 1998


- 20 years experience of performing and singing on stages, TV and radio.


- Songwriter & Composer


- Arranging songs for 4 voices (SATB)


- Producing CDs : recording, editing, musical accompaniment, mixing


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- I hold a certification from the Israeli education ministry that qualified me to prepare music students for their matriculation examination in singing (Recital).


- Rimon Jazz and contemporary music Academy, Israel – 1999


- Philosophy and Law courses in the Open University, Israel - 2003

- Megido school, Music department - 1990 - 1996


- Kibbutz Dalia school in Early Childhood Education 1984 - 1990


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